I’m usually quite a modest person. Since the start of my career as a marketing professional, I always lacked confidence in my skills an ability. My managers always saw more in me, then I saw in myself.

On paper, I was always extremely under qualified for every role I ever excelled in. So naturally, I never got calls from recruitment agencies. But somehow, I always get calls directly from companies.

I think managers in the corporate world have a skill when it comes to sourcing and training new talent. They know what foundations of a persons personality and traits will enable them to excel in their jobs and career. Their knowledge comes from seeing the skills that are lacking in the workplace.

I can name 3 employers that gave me fantastic opportunities for positions that I didn’t apply for, or believed I could do. Those managers that took a risk with me simply because in the 40 minute interview I showed them something they wanted. And they turned out to be right. I exceeded their expectations and excelled beyond my peers.

As I grew my career, I came to realise that I was actually really good at what I did. I use to think that people only tell you that your good at something because they are being polite or kind. you know, because they don’t want you to lose hope or confidence in yourself. Then I realised, that’s not true. People do have potential. They just need to enable it.

Over the next few years, I climbed my career extremely faster then I expected. In less then 3 years I was a Manager in a leading corporate organisation sitting on 6 figures. That’s when I started to believe that maybe I was really good at what I did.

Lately, I have reached a new realisation.

Maybe…. just maybe… I’m not really good at marketing. Everyone else is just really bad at it.

There are definitely smarter people then me in the industry. But some don’t seem to do their jobs very well. And that’s when I realised. To be good at something isn’t so hard. Simply because most people don’t put a lot of effort into their work. The most successful people are not those who are the smartest, or fastest then the others. They are the ones who work the hardest and have the most drive. They are self motivated and know they have a lot to learn, but most of all they go beyond what their job entails them to do. They learn fast, work efficiently, appreciate talent, listen to advice and grow their skill set.

In a world the recycles knowledge. I came to learn what the managers who recruited me knew, which I didn’t. Talent isn’t in your job history or resume. It’s in the person’s attitude,  personality and drive. With the right training and support, that person can be great. And it is that manager who not only sees you for what you can be, but also gives you that opportunity, that’s the manager you have to be thankful to.

So the next time your manager says you’ll go far. Take their word for it. They’ve seen enough to know that some people want to succeed and do. While others could succeed but don’t.