the best part of my career as a marketer is attending exclusive events. Usually advertisers try to schmooze you to show your a valued client. Events they set up are costly for them, but like any great marketer knows…. It’s all about feeling exclusive.

Pre-launch for fashion for Sydney’s runway weekend was held last week and Samantha Jade was announced ambassador for the event. Private show watching amazing talent!

The night turned out pretty amazing. My coordinator and I drank as much complimentary champagne as we could. When we were leaving we ran into the PR girls from Specsavers who were in Sydney for the week managing the publicity and interviews lined up for their new ambassador Eva Longoria. By the end of the night we were invited by the manager of a new restraint to attend their pre-launch private event where we had complimentary cocktails and food.

All in all. Amazing night. Although being a marketer can mean late nights and tight deadlines. Nights like this make you remember how much fun it can be too.