I am honestly the worst at this blogging thing. It has been 8 months since my last post. I could say, not a lot of interesting things happened in those past 8 months, but the truth is… I just didn’t have the time to write, edit and post any articles. It’s like my second you-tube video (which no one knows I have partially created). I’ve had it saved in draft mode for 4 years and haven’t found the time to finish the final touches so it can uploaded (I’m horrible, I know). But I guess since it is a personal blog, I don’t see it as too much of an issue.

So what has happened in my life over these silent months? Well, the most of the past 8 months has been the normal battle with the kids while troubleshooting everyday business problems. But fortunately, I’ve also managed to squeeze in spending my valuable time on concepting and building the next phase of our business. We’ve officially launched our business’s eCommerce site. YAY! However, as exciting as it is, there is still a long journey ahead. I can’t actually promote the website because only a quarter of the products are loaded on the site PLUS the main promotional items are still in development. So why did I switch it on? Simply because once it is online, it becomes real. Which means I need to push myself to make it a priority. Promoting the site, developing the content, partnering with relevant businesses.

Wish me luck! I’m going to need it as one child enters kindergarten and the other begins the terrible 2’s