Dominic caught a common cold virus over the Easter break and after a few sleepless nights, and a persistent cough, we paid a visit to the doctors  who confirmed that the virus had passed however he would be stuck with a cough for a few weeks.

The doctors advice was to do nothing and as a result I decided it was time for ”Mummy To The Rescue!”

Helping to persist through an irritating cough

Whether it’s physically beneficial for your baby, or just psychologically beneficial as a parent, doing nothing can be tough so I decided to head to the chemist and secure a vaporiser and saline nasal spray.

The vaporiser creates moisture in the air so as you breath it into your lungs it helps to thin the mucus in your throat. Whilst you can create the same effect by steaming up your bathroom, I needed something for the night. I also picked upsaline nasal spray to provide additional relief in the nasal passage by loosening and thinning the congested mucus in the nose.

Did it work?

Dominic still had an irritating cough which woke him occasionally throughout the night, but it became more controlled. Instead of having a cough attack lasting until he vomited – Dominic was now coughing more lightly and falling back asleep on his own. The cough had become less intense and therefore less disruptive. This allowed him to persist through the night because he did not wake up struggling to clear the mucus from his throat.