It’s funny, cause even though I work for a big fashion brand and get fantastic staff discounts, I still can’t afford the brand!

I have a dual income with my husband and I earn double of what I did 5 years ago. So why do I shop on a budget worst then my uni days? You guest it. I’m a mum. So here is my mum’s guide to shopping on a budget.

Cost of living in Sydney is high compared to household income, then add a child (or many) to the mix. All of a sudden your a savvy Kmart mum shopper.

As much as I love Kmart when it comes to shopping for the family and household goods, it becomes old quickly when shopping for fashion. That’s when we can thank god for the Internet.

Internet shopping for fashion has become my new best friend to get affordable trends into my wardrobe. But let’s be honest, it’s a hunt for value. In a sea of cheap products being sold straight out of China manufacturing centres, it can be hard to find anything worth spending a $1 on. In fact I can spend weeks scanning products without buying anything even though all the prices are less then $10. It’s no Kmart, which employs buyers to sort through crappy product on our behalf and only deliver and shelve m what would suit the Australian market. But when you do find something, it’s just as fun knowing you got a bargain.

Here are some of my finds from bargain hunting online.

Evernote Camera Roll 20150923 021149 US$3.38
Wear this sweater with a knee length black skirt or a nice pair of dark slim fit jeans then your done.

Evernote Camera Roll 20150923 022047 US$5.07
Super cute colour block chiffon dress for the summer. Comfort and movement is a must for mums!

Evernote Camera Roll 20150923 025230 US$12.70
This dress is perfect for that day-to-night office look. Movement is important to me as a mum.

Evernote Camera Roll 20150923 030117 US$7.43
A beautiful print, chiffon cardi for the summer. Wear it to the beach, park or work and you’ll be sure to feel great with this super cute floral print.

Evernote Camera Roll 20150923 030822 US$11.50
Classic blue stripped shirt perfect to wear to work or casually with jeans.


Evernote Camera Roll 20150923 031407 US$10.71
Cute sweater dress for that preppy look. Again it’s all about comfort, budget and minimalist style when your a mum.

A lot of wholesale sites online have nice stuff, but require you to buy in bulk. Team up with some friends to divide the cost, or if it’s just as cheap as buying it in a retail store, I buy the bulk pack and take it to the markets to sell the remainder. I don’t make money because I don’t do large markups but at least I got a free dress!

Rosegal and cndirect are some of the few wholesale websites that sell you 1 piece for some of their products. The cost is slightly higher but at least you don’t have 6 pieces in your wardrobe.

Where you need to determine if the cost is worth it, is shipping. Although the product prices are less then $10, the shipping to Australia will cost you more then the actual item. I add this cost to the product cost and weigh out if I should just buy something in a boutique store or online. But as a mum, sometimes these fast fashion retail stores only buy styles to suit the younger girls who want to show a lot of leg. Dresses that are too short don’t work for me because bending down and picking up a toddler means I can’t be stressing about who sees my underwear because my skirt is too short!

While finding a bargain is always great, I never forget the importance of investing in some quality products made by brands. Sure they are expensive but they will last longer, fit better and look like quality. A wooly cardi from country road or trenery will keep you warmer and feel softer then a $20 no-brand one. Sometimes…. It’s worth the investment. Just because we are mums doesn’t mean we can’t spoil ourselves with quality once every now and then.

Happy shopping!