My husband and I have decided to build again. Even though the first time was painful and I said that I would never wanted to do it again, here we are booking in an appointment with Wisdom Homes to build our family house.

Our current house was always a short term plan. We wanted to invest in something small since it was only the 2 of us back then. We had said, after 5 years we would then move out and rent the place out as our family got bigger.

Now we have Dominic and my mother in law living with us, we figured the time had come for us to move onto our next plans. I’m actually really excited about building again because this time it isn’t about the budget and more about building our dream home.

Over a sunny weekend, I took Dominic outside to play as I begun scrap-booking some ideas for our new home. I grabbed some old and new magazines and had a look for colours, textures and themes I liked.

We are waiting for the tender from our builder, so stay tuned for more info and join me in the journey of building a new home!2015-10-11 15.52.42