When your a mum your creativity heightens. With limited time to prepare meals you start getting creative with food that’s quick and easy to prepare and cook. I love food and a criteria is it must be delicious too! I’ve never been able to go on a diet, simply because I just love eating too much, and therefore I don’t like limiting my choices.

Since baby Dominic has been sick this week, his needed extra attention and care. So simple recipe I invented in between naps and feeds – check it out – my pork broth noodle soup! Haha


Found some pork bones in my freezer, along with pork mince. Threw them in a pot with some water. No salt or msg (try limit that as much as possible) just a little bit of vegetable powder (salt replacement). I let it boil while I feed little Dom, then I put him to sleep, chopped some bok choy ( lucky it came in my Aussie farmers direct family box this week), threw it all together then voila! Broth. Soaked my dried noodles and blanched it before eating, added the soup then I was ready to munch away! Yum yum yum. Limited prep time and, soup boiling away on its own.