I am the most impulsive person I know. Seriously… if I was an Eskimo, you could sell ice to me. Recently, I’ve been sold into buying every Korean product in the 10 step Korean regime. Yup, all because I stepped into The Face Shop with my sister in law (who mind you, was only there to buy sunscreen).

My skin is quite sensitive to skincare products. In particular toner (for some reason – I don’t know). So my skin care routine has always been a simple 2 steps. Wash my face with water and Moisturize with QV cream. That’s it. Every time I strayed from these 2 steps one of two things would happen either a) My skin breaks out and becomes a mixture of dry and oily patches, or b) I have an allergic reaction and my face swells up.

After 32 years and no luck with majority of the western skin care products, I was then introduced to Korean skin care. And I was amazed! simply because for the first time, I didn’t have an allergic reaction or break out.

So in 2018, before my Korean product obsession, I was discovered Aesop Purifying Facial Cream Cleanser (which I love because of the earthy smell, it actually smells like clay) and started using it daily. After I found the Aesop cleanser, I wanted to find a nice night cream and facial sunscreen. I ended up buying Antipodes Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream, along with a Skin Doctors sunscreen but the very next day, after using both products, my face was swollen. I wasn’t sure if it was the night cream or sunscreen, so I patch tested both of the products a few days after the swelling had disappeared. It turned out to be Skin Doctors so I discontinued using it.

Now I had a cleanser and night cream, I was on the hunt for an eye cream. Why? You may, or may not, have noticed that I have really dark circles around my eyes. I was actually born with really dark circles (I have baby photos to prove it) but as I got older, they got much darker. Alas, I needed to find an eye cream to help minimise the effects of aging. Seriously, the circles are so bad that I was asked by my doctor if my husband abuses me… I had to admit that I simply was not wearing make up that day. Which leads me to the Olay Ultimate Eye Cream. I choose this one because the packaging said it addressed three main eye skin concerns; dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness. Additionally, the cream is formulated with colour-correcting technology – so I thought that might all help with my main issue plus more.

I was successfully using these 3 products on and off for 6 months before I discovered how great Korean skin care products were. While my sister in law was shopping for a new sunscreen, I asked her why The Face Shop. Her answer was pretty simple… “All the products are Korean and I like the texture of their sunscreen. It’s not sticky or shinny on your face after applying the sunscreen.” That’s what sparked my interest in Korean products. What do you mean sunscreen is not shinny or sticky? LOL, I seriously thought that was just expected from every sunscreen out there in the world. So I walked around to see what all the fuss was about when it came to Korean products.

I didn’t buy anything on my first visit since I wasn’t convinced yet. But the second time round I went on my own and decided to ask about moisturisers. I explained to the lady that I can’t use toners because of sensitivity and how it drys out my already dry skin. She recommended this Mango Seed Moisturising Toner. A Moisturising toner? I thought to myself. Does that defeat the purpose of a toner? Like… isn’t a toner meant to close pores and be a water like consistency? Doesn’t moisturising come after toning? (That shows how much I know about skincare).  So what happened next? when she put it on my skin… I was in love. It dried quickly like a toner but it also made my skin sooooo soft. I loved it. Bought it. Came home.

This was my hook. The toner that did not create a bad skin reaction, and the toner that left my face feeling silky smooth became the hook into my Korean skincare obsession. I found myself googling “Korean 10 step skin care routine” and researching what products I wanted to put on my wishlist. Within a few days I was back in store and stocking up on products online.

First it was adding the emulsion (day/night cream) and sunscreen.

then it was the face masks and serum.

eventually I had a whole collection of random stuff. Oil based cleanser for the “double cleanse process” which I used before my Aesop wash. A morning essence that was lighter then the previous serum I bought (which I begun only using at night). Eye patches to reduce dark pigmentation. Exfoliating wipes plus a gentle exfoliating water.  I was out of control. I even started looking into importing the products myself and selling them in our store (just so I could use them). And that is how I know I’m now obsessed. But the good news is, no reaction to any of the products! And people at work were complimenting my “radiance” after only 3 days of following the full 10 steps (they see me every day and didn’t know I was using the new products, so their opinion counts in my view). I’m so happy with all the skincare products that I look forward to mornings and nights everyday so I can wash my face. Is that weird?

Among all the recent posts about my frustration of trying to balance being a mum and working professional, at least this is a nice feeling of personal accomplishment. It took me 32 years to finally find a skin care routine that works for me. Now onto my next obsession.