I used to love my work. I really did. I loved going in every day, I loved learning, growing, being a part of something. And then it changed. Something changed. I don’t know, maybe I just grew older. Grew tired.

We need the money but I don’t care. I’ve decided I don’t like being away from my family for 3 days while I travel for work so I finally resigned from a job I used to love.

But I know what it felt like to work in a job you love. So I want that for everyone. I want that for me again.

I won’t be looking for a new job just yet, I want to focus on my family and business. The kids are still young and my friend said something that really resonated with me the other day. He basically said “I think we can only successfully balance two significant things in our life. When you work, work is one of them because it requires at least 8 hours of your time. But when you are a parent, kids becomes another one because they also require a significant amount of time. But you…. have 3 things. You have a full time job, kids and a business. And a business takes a lot of time. Before you had kids, you could balance business with work. But now you struggle to manage all three without feelings of regret.”

It’s true what my friend said. I was struggling. I had already postponed my legal degree twice to allow me to focus on opening the new business and look after my new born baby. I was scheduled to start studying again, how was I going to do all of this? Something had to give.

I don’t love my work as much as I used to anymore. So I decided to give it up. Studying was for my own personal enjoyment. So I decide it can come at a later time, when I have more time. For now, I was gonna focus on business and family.