Months go by and it doesn’t feel as though I am achieving anything in my business other than fulfilling the mundane day to day tasks that are required for the store to operate. The truth is, you can’t grow your business within business operation hours. I need to spend more time outside of business hours to build the strategy that will stimulate the growth required to make the business stronger and profitable.

At the moment being at work feels like I’m answering and solving other peoples problems in jobs I hire them for. Giving direction and leadership to others while trying to complete my own daily list of tasks. Before you know it, it is the end of the day and time for me to take the kids home. The evenings also don’t free up any time for working parents. By the time the kids are fed, bathed and put to bed it’s too late to continue any work – unless you plan on being tired the next day all while battling work and kids at the same time (not efficient at all)

I look at my parents and other parents and I truely admire them for how hard they work to balance life. Motherhood and fatherhood should be the definition for perseverance and patience.