In 2012, a study was completed to see what career choices people deemed respectable. Guess where marketers came in at? We rated below politicians and bankers. This doesn’t surprise me. Since working in the industry and pick up on cues that indicate what other people think of marketers, and to be honest, sometimes I think the same thing.

I love my work as a marketer. But sometimes I meet people in the industry that make me question why I became a marketer.  In my time as a marketer, there have been few marketers I work with that I have come to respect.

Quite often marketers have an idea around what will or wont be an effective campaign because of their past experience, but they don’t always have the time to figure out the exact reason behind why it didn’t work. Instead of tailoring the message and testing the concept, they move to re-concept new ideas and simply say that the older ones didn’t work for their target market. But if the research was done prior to launching that particular campaign, why didn’t the campaign work? Surly the answer digs deeper.

Since I’m an analytical marketer, I find it hard to be persuaded with little evidence. Quite often marketers will put forward assumptions of their opinions on why it didn’t work but not be able to back the information with detailed facts. Even though a marketers assumptions might be bang on the buck, they just don’t provide any solid evidence to support their claim. That’s where others start to loose respect for us marketers. Quite often, marketers are too vague in explaining why a campaign didn’t work. Therefore, sometimes it just sounds like excuses. And that’s why marketing budgets get cut.

As a marketing professional, my budget has never been cut. In fact, every year I have been able to successfully increase my budget allocation simply because I am obsessed with detail. I like finding out exactly why some things worked and others don’t.

Sometimes I wonder if I am just to critical on other marketers because I too have a perception on how marketers should conduct their business. But I read an article online and I think it was a great summary of defining a good marketer from a great marketer.

Great marketers:

  • Don’t stop when the client or manager is happy, they continue until they are happy
  • Don’t walk on the roads that others before them have paved, they innovate and choose their own paths
  • They did not learn marketing but rather, they continue to learn marketing

Perhaps these points explain my love hate for the marketing profession. Every marketer wants to pave their own road. Every marketer has different learning’s and every marketer does what makes them happy. But a great marketer can prove results.