I looked in the kitchen for ingredients to make a quick stir fry. I had everything I needed, except… The mince meat was still frozen as a rock. At this point I was starving. Now I know I could easily put the meat in the microwave to defrost, but I just hate how the microwave someone’s cooks the outside. So instead, I decided to compromise and experiment.

I found some frankfrut sausages, sliced them up and chopped some vegetables including zucchini, carrot and onion.

As any stir fry begins I fried the sausages in some olive oil.

When the sausages were cooked, I threw in my vegetables.

My selected flavouring for the sauce on this occasion was oyster sauce (my favourite in stir fry). Add water to help make a silky sauce and to steam cook the vegetables through

Once the vegetables were cooked through, it was ready to serve. A nice lunch in done in less then 15 minutes.