So, when I entered the Sephora shop in Sydney I swear I could have bought everything! It was like walking into a lolly shop when you were only 5 years old and had $2 to spend. The difference this time is, I do have money to spend… but I also have a husband that will give me that look when he realises how expensive make up can get.

I don’t personally like wearing a lot of make up, and most days I go without. But what girl would I be if I denied that I do love dressing up and looking/feeling great. As a working mum, I rarely spoil myself so I took this opportunity to indulge. In total I spent roughly $150 on some new must haves (in my view). I kept the colours neutral so I can wear it to work, and I found the perfect blush colour I have been looking for. Check out some of my buys!

When it comes to make up, I love working with eyes. But as we all know, sometimes trying to remove your mascara and eyeliner makes it look  like you haven’t had sleep for days! so, I added Sephora’s waterproof eye make up remove to my collection. I tried it as soon as I got home, and it was absolutely promising. LOVE LOVE LOVE.


Next into the shopping basket, Mascara. Well now I have make up remover, I need make up to remove right? Actually, they day prior to my little shopping trip I threw out all my old make up and found I had no more mascara after the clean up. I had some make up that was at least 3 years old (haven’t touched it since forever) and I definitely won’t be putting any liquids that old on my face.

There were all these pictures promoting this Sephora brand mascara, so I thought… Hec, I’ll try it.


OMG, when I saw all the eye shadow range at this place, I could have fainted. So many options and colours! Although I spent at least an 45 mins looking at the eyeshadow, I narrowed it down to these 2 colours. A nice soft neutral colour called ‘Satin Corset’ to use as a wash and for the inner part of my lid, then a darker greenish colour called ‘Hidden Treasure’ for the top outer area of my eye and the crease. When blended they look great!


So here is my perfect find, and by far my favourite buy for the night. Marc Jacobs blush colour ‘Irresistible’. I have been looking for a replacement for my old time favourite Gorgeous Cosmetics blush which they no longer make. Irresistible definitely suits the colour.


Since my total transaction totaled over $100 I was fortunate enough to be given a free sampler of Marc Jacobs lipstick which is currently not available on shelves at the moment. Cute colour, I think I can definitely work with this.


I debated about this buy for a little while. I actually wanted the colour ‘Stardust’ but unfortunately they were sold out so I bought the next closes colour ‘Shimmer’. I thought it would be a nice buy for use around the corner of my eyes (instead of trying to aim my eyeshadow brush), but I’ve tried it a couple of times and I’m not overly impressed.