Since returning to work, I’ve thrown out all my old clothes. You know, the ones you keep cause you might wear them one day. Let’s face it. If you haven’t worn them for 3 years…. Your probably not going to wear them. 

Before moving to the city of Sydney, I was young and loved to attend a good social gathering. I had places to be and people to see, with outfits that matched the young and fun girl I was during that time of my life. After moving to a new city and settling into marriage, a new chapter begun for me. I still loved all my old clothes (so I couldn’t bare to throw them out) but none of them seemed to suit the new places I was going or people I was seeing. I had entered a new stage in my life which was about focus, growth and development. My job took over my life, and it was knee length black skirts, shirts, tailored pants and closed toe heels (half the hight I use to spend my days in).

Now I’m a mum, I had more reason to revisit my wardrobe. I think our life experience and growth shape our new views of ourselves, so our style changes to reflect who we think we are and who we want to be. None of my 20 something dresses and outfits called out to me anymore. So they all went in the donation bin.

Now for styling the new me! My wardrobe is mostly empty. I’ve started a new job (not to mention its in the fashion industry) and I’m a new mum. That’s when I discovered Polyvore’s new remix app! And can I just say..,.  Awesome! I pick items I like (say blue shorts) then Remix finds matching pieces for me!

I’m still having fun doing my own mixes. But I’m sure I’ll have a new look for this chapter or my life in no time! Thanks to technology, you’ve just got to love digital.

Here are some of my mixes and some of the remix apps choices for me! Not all sellers ship to Australia but at least I get an idea of what to shop for.

my polyvore mix for smart casual

Casual enough to feel comfortable but smart enough to enjoy a night out.


polyvore remix suggestions for work and play

some of my favourite ideas the app suggested for me based on shoes i liked or handbags!
I think Polyvore is going to be my new styling buddy!