(Image Source: Koala Conventions – International Embroidery, Textile and Creative Events for over 14 Years www.koalaconventions.com.au)

After watching the making of Chanel Haute Couture garments on youtube, I got super motivated and decided that I wanted to learn Tambour Beading (after a lot of googling to find out the name of techniques used in couture garment construction).

I spent a lot of time trying to find classes, only to be extremely unsuccessful. It seems to be a technique predominately used in London and Paris (which makes sense because that’s where most of the Couture houses are/stared) but it means that not many people teach this technique anywhere else! I guess… that makes sense too. Since you don’t really need the skill at a mass education level unless you have workplaces which require those skills. Once again… back to the business concept of Supply and Demand.

Supply and demand makes it hard for us hobbyist to upgrade our skills! Eventually I found a lady who use to run private sessions in Sydney. I got super excited! Only to find out after I emailed her that now she is based in London. But not all hope is lost! She comes back to Australia every now an then. And she has a scheduled workshop in Brisbane at Koala Conventions. The workshop cost around $495 but it includes the kit. But seeing I live in Sydney, I would also need to buy air fares and book accommodation. In my view… still worth it! why? because like every hobbyist knows. Some things are hard to come by so if you don’t take the opportunity to snap up the deal, you might be waiting a long time before the opportunity comes by again.

Workshop Details: Introduction to Tambour Beading
Tutor: Karen Torrisi
Location: Brisbane Girls Grammar School
Skill Level: Beginners & Enthusiasts
Workshop Cost: $360.00
Kit Cost: $136.50
Website: www.koalaconventions.com.au