Just put Dominic down to sleep. I had a scare because when I turnaround for 2 seconds to close my bedroom door, I turned back and he had my hand sanitiser pump in his mouth. He had grabbed it off the bench next to his crib buy pulling it in through gaps. He definitely had a taste cause his face was disgusted. The first thing I did was grabbed the bottle to see what to do in case of consumption. And reading the packet was any parents worst nightmare… Poison.

I called the poison hotline and the lady who picked up was so reassuring. I told her that I don’t know how much he might have consumed but when I turned around he had the pump in his mouth. She said that hand sanitiser taste so bad that children don’t tend to consume very much, but because hand sanitiser is high in alcohol, she advised me to just keep an eye out on vomiting, tiredness and instability as my baby might get drunk. “Give him some water and food and just watch him” she said. “In the meantime, until any of those symptoms occur he can be watched at home.”

Speaking to the support hotline helped put my mind at ease. It really does only take 2 seconds for your baby to go from safe to in danger. Even if your in the same room.

Glad there are safety labels and hotlines on every household goods sold from manufactures.