Since becoming a mum, I have worked on my priorities and tried different techniques to help me be more focused and efficient. I love hearing stories from other mothers and their own journeys. Everyone, not just mums, juggle busy lives. As a parent, we open the parenthood chapter of our lives. It feels harder to us then the normal day to day but it’s just because it’s different, new, and we have a shift in priorities. We add new ones and juggle them with old ones. And then we continue to do this until we figure which ones we are going to throw out or postpone.

I have to say having my beautiful son was as hard as the first time I moved cities, started a new job in a field I never worked in, and living with the in laws for the first year of marriage. It starts out hard simply because it’s change. Then it get’s easier as you adjust and learn new ways to deal with the environment. Some people are born naturals (I honestly thought I would be one of them). But when the time came it hit me like a canon ball. I thought I could do everything plus add a baby to the mix. It didn’t take long to realise that I was living a dream. So, I wrote a list and worked out my personal goals.

As a person, it’s important to feel a sense of achievement and fulfillment. As a parent, I also feel a sense of duty and responsibility. Therefore, as a new mum I had to find the balance. At first, I was ashamed to feel like I needed something more then my children to feel a sense of achievement and fulfillment. But as I met different mums, I realised everyone values , views and believes in different things depending on their personality and experiences.

When I sat down and thought about my values, experiences and personality, I knew that I want to be an involved mother influencing his early development but also continuing my career and doing the things I love like studying and learning new things. I juggled, what feels like 100 things, until I find the right balance. And for now, I think I found it.

Before being a mum, I:

  • Operated a side consulting business
  • Operated a side start up business with 2 business partners
  • Worked full time (50+ hours a week)
  • Ran free monthly networking workshops for small businesses
  • Attended dancing classes twice a week
  • Studies 3 units a trimester at Uni (working towards my Masters)
  • Dined out 3 times a week with the hubby or friends
  • Worked from 6am to 10pm for weeks and months in a row
  • Worked on the weekends
  • Attended short courses (writing, coding etc)

After 1 year of being a mum, now I:

  • Operate one side business (closing down my consulting services and withdrawing from the start up business)
  • Study one unit a trimester after deferring for one year
  • Work full-time during the hours of 9am-6pm (with Tuesdays working from home)
  • Don’t take work home with me anymore (which means I spend evenings and weekends with the family)
  • Dance at home with my baby for exercise – I already know all the routines 🙂
  • Read books before bed and listen to Podcast on the way to work (instead of attending short courses)
  • Attend parent and baby swimming classes

There’s no other way I would have it. I am less stressed then ever before and I have time with my family, a career, and continued self development in my skill set. Sure the career and new skill development part happens at a slower rate nowadays, but who’s rushing?